A Flexible Reality

The instability of the world if reality could be bent by individual will would be so complete that no habitable world could be hung upon the sky. Those considered “hard” sciences are not even immune to the toxicity of relativist disease, where geniuses jump to wild fictions about the origins of this or that, or about what the human race will and will not do in regards to their own futures. These mad geniuses ignore facts that are not suitable to their egos, and hide behind position, popularity and rhetoric. Steadily, our world is being consumed by the Queen of Vice, from which all others are hideously born, that great tyrannical captain we call Pride. The only counter we have, the only warrior fit to fight such a foe, is the ragged and dusty wanderer called Humility. Regardless of your background, your pedigree, your education, or profession, tonight, stand on the back porch and gaze up at the stars. Stand and look, and allow yourself to be consumed in your smallness. Then go back inside, sit on the couch, and have a cup of tea.

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