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Apologetics Virtues

Wolves in Lab Coats AKA Scientism is not Science

The world is a very large place. When I say, “The world,” I don’t mean Earth alone. I mean galaxies, planets, black holes, and suns that could fit a million of ours inside of them. Like I said, it’s a large place. And, by some accounts, it’s getting larger all the time, eternally expanding into… […]

Apologetics Virtues

Motivations Towards Good

Sitting recently, working on a paper about asymmetrical warfare during the French and Indian War, I was struck by the age-old question: Why do atheists/secularists/materialists do good? After all, the continued attack on what I will call “atheists” or “atheism”, rolling in many other philosophical, materialist ideals, for the sake of brevity, by theists, claiming […]