Observation 1

Here’s the thing: I look at the world. I don’t see it for what it is. I see it for what I see it as. Whether is should be this or that is irrelevant, I think, as this is an exercise in futility and, most of all, I dislike futility. This is my qualm with […]


Choosing Your Reality

Big picture beliefs can be defined as one’s “fundamental sense of reality”. I love this definition. When I left the Army, my life began to fall apart. Mentally, I was not doing okay, and it was getting steadily worse. After getting put on common antidepressants, I went off the deep end and straight into the […]

Apologetics Virtues

Wolves in Lab Coats AKA Scientism is not Science

The world is a very large place. When I say, “The world,” I don’t mean Earth alone. I mean galaxies, planets, black holes, and suns that could fit a million of ours inside of them. Like I said, it’s a large place. And, by some accounts, it’s getting larger all the time, eternally expanding into… […]


A Flexible Reality

The instability of the world if reality could be bent by individual will would be so complete that no habitable world could be hung upon the sky. Those considered “hard” sciences are not even immune to the toxicity of relativist disease, where geniuses jump to wild fictions about the origins of this or that, or […]

Apologetics Virtues

Motivations Towards Good

Sitting recently, working on a paper about asymmetrical warfare during the French and Indian War, I was struck by the age-old question: Why do atheists/secularists/materialists do good? After all, the continued attack on what I will call “atheists” or “atheism”, rolling in many other philosophical, materialist ideals, for the sake of brevity, by theists, claiming […]